Hallie Alexander

My Career in Sales and Customer Care is my absolute dream job. I understand inherently that my customers need me to be professional, proactive, diligent, intuitive, and passionate. My goal to obtain new business is equal to my responsibility to maintain the business already secured. I ascribe to the belief that the day you get a customer is the day that you start losing them. For me the thrill and challenge of securing business and servicing customers is exhilarating. I thrive in a fast paced environment where critical thinking and problem solving are essential. I am not discouraged when a problem arises regardless of where the fault lies. I see it as an opportunity to think, act and serve to bring resolution and strengthen relationships. I possess a dedicated work ethic and believe I am thriving in my skill set. I love to be of service and build long lasting relationships. I am professional and sincere and my customers trust me implicitly to do what I say I will do. I love training, logistics, communications, strategy and problem solving, but most of all I love to serve and I wake up every day with that goal in mind and desire in my heart.

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